Who am I?

Name – Adam McBean
Location – Highlands (Scotland) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Favourite distance – Ultra distance

An introduction

Hello and welcome to my new blog. After completing the Great Glen Ultra in July, I wrote a few words about the experience of running my first ultra. Since then I have enjoyed writing about my races and everything related to my training. I enjoy reading other blogs when I have some spare time as it gives me inspiration for other races and routes.

Some people get their fix from drugs or alcohol, but I get mine from running long distance. The views are normally tremendous in the Highlands and it’s a great way to explore some new places.

My Background

Prior to 2016, I was lazy, slightly overweight and I didn’t seem to enjoy any exercise. I lifted weights for a few years, but that later fizzled out and I ended up becoming a bit porky. I would lie in my bed until the afternoons and my diet was full of cake and takeaways.

I started running as a way to get fit and to exercise the dog. It started off as a couple of miles every week, before I started running with friends and got introduced to Parkrun.

In 2017, I began to take my running a bit more seriously. I upped my weekly mileage, purchased some kit and set some goals. I booked a few running events and went from just an average runner, to a dedicated one.

2018 saw me face new challenges. I ran the Great Glen Ultra as my first long distance race, managing the 72 miles in under 14 hours. I trained hard for Glenmore 24 and joined the 100 Mile club. Whilst they were great achievements at the time of completing them, I want more!

The aim?

I haven’t set any long terms goals. There just isn’t any point. Life can change so quickly and I’m lucky to have a good amount of spare time to commit to running.

I would love to get fitter and faster, with the aim of completing a few longer distance ultras (100 miles +) to see how I would get on. I think I’m better at the longer stuff as I’m mentally strong and won’t give up easily.

My longer term ambition would be to travel to some nice parts of the world and maybe run an ultra or two. Spartathlon has always interested me but I’ll just leave that where it is for the time being (very far away) and concentrate on some local runs.

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